Creating a website that attracts visitors

First off let me say. Our company are professional at driving traffic to Internet websites. We can improve search engine position and in most cases drive more traffic to you, but my friends and family I cannot (like your telemarketers) convince visitors to click on your link from one of those popular search engines. (don't act like you don't know what I am talking about, you know like Google and Yahoo). Search Engine Optimizers they are called these days are employed to improve your search engine rankings. We are not magicians. Just remember that. Let me add we can create probability for great results and in most cases our customers see those results.

Improve your organic search engine rankings and improve your business.

The Point of this Article

So probably you are asking what is the whole point of this article. That's a very good question. Take two points for that. The purpose of this article is for you as a website owner to have a reference point and overall knowledge of web traffic and also for helping you to receive the best from your internet website. ( Just remember my first admission is not a confession that we are the best in the industry) we have lots of experience in web development and search engine optimization (SEO), and if I don't know, I know someone who does. So if you don't interrupt anymore I will be happy to proceed.

The Most Valuable Commodity


What's the most valuable commodity on the Internet today? According to many experts, it's an intangible property called "attention." Current surfers of the web have millions of destinations to select from, but limited time and attention to devote to the sites they do choose to visit. "The competition for attention" Web marketers call it "trolling for eye balls" - is fierce. How can you as a site owner, hope to attract your share?

The Challenge

The greatest challenge in marketing your Website is getting potential visitors to notice it. But fleeting glances - assuming you manage to capture them,  there are no guarantees of long range success. You have to convert those "eyeballs" into "click-throughs," that is, to encourage your visitors to stick around long enough to check out your site and discover what it has to offer.

Moving on...

Assuming the best and you manage to get those "click-throughs", (you know what I mean by click throughs) not only generating traffic is enough, but useful traffic that would fulfill the purpose of your website. 1000 hits of visitors who are not really interesting in what you have to offer is useless in my opinion, you could have settled for 0 hits ......but you should not feel that bad it may gain you referrals. You must generate useful visitors that are interesting in what you have.

Keyword Selection

So here is the whole point. If you are selling real estate on mars. It would be very good if you came up in search engines when anyone types in Keywords: Real Estate. Please don't go for Keywords: Real Estate on Mars. No one is searching for that, but you would want then to discover its possible. So you get smart and discover that most users are searching for Cadillac's. Although you are involve with real estate you decide to cash in on the traffic. So you drop the word Cadillac on your site a couple times and add it in your description. My friend even if you get traffic this way, those users are searching for Cadillac's not real estate and you will get browsed over. Take my advice keep to the subject of your website and use keywords that are synonymous with your subject. I hope I don't have to explain that. I was never a pro at English. I am a tech guy.

Lets fast forward. Your user have found you in the search engines. Finally. After all that hard work they are finally on your website. It would be a good thing to have a properly designed website, well organized with easy navigation, or you will lose those users you have worked so hard to acquire.  Have you ever said this seem like a fraud. You aren't getting my credit card. Thats what happens when you have a good product poor design.

Even then, you can't rest on your laurels, or your page-hit statistics. Your next challenge is to turn those casual visitors into repeat customers by giving them reasons to come back for more. You are smart, you can come up with some good ideas to keep them coming back. I don't want to give away all my secrets here; remember I still need to get paid.


So just remember getting visitors to your website is not rocket science but it can be hard work. It would be easy if you were the only website on the internet, just remember that. So go get some attention.

Deane Collins, CTO