IBM Analytics Engine

Analytics Engine

Develop and deploy analytics applications using open source Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. Customize the cluster using your own analytics libraries and open source packages. Integrate with IBM Watson Studio or third-party applications to submit jobs to the cluster.

HIPAA readiness option available in the Dallas region for Standard-Hourly and Standard-Monthly plans.

  • IBM
  • HIPAA Enabled
  • IAM-enabled
  • Service Endpoint Supported
  • Sydney
  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • Dallas
  • Amsterdam 03
  • Tokyo
  • Milan 01
  • Montreal 01
  • Sao Paulo 01
  • Toronto 01
  • Washington DC
Spin up and scale clusters on demand
  • Define clusters based on your application's requirements by choosing the appropriate software package, version, and size of the cluster. Use the cluster as long as required and delete it again when all the jobs have run.
Customize the environment
  • Customize clusters with third-party analytics libraries, packages and deploy workloads from IBM Watson like IBM Watson Studio and Machine Learning.
Leverage the power of open source
  • Build on ODPi compliant Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop stack to expand on open source investments. Integrate analytics tools using standard, open source APIs and libraries.