Enterprise Web Hosting

We provide Enterprise Web Hosting Servers to small, medium and large enterprises needing complex hosting configurations

Our Enterprise Solutions

SE Technology has 20+ years of experience in providing companies with enterprise web hosting services. Listed below are just some of the enterprise services we offer to our clients.

Enterprise Middleware
Enterprise Middleware Hosting

SE Technology provides middleware application servers for hosting

Enteprise Devops
Enteprise Devops

Run Devopts on our hosting plans. Jenkins, Git and many more enterprise devops applications

Enterprise Web Hosting
Enterprise Hosting

Managed Hosting Initiative serves those customers that need freedom from infrastructure management. SE Technology’s ‘Initiative’ team is just that, We take the Initiative

Email Web Hosting
Email hosting

We offer email hosting to Businesses or individuals looking to get a myname@mydomain.com

Enterprise Web Hosting

About SE Enterprise Hosting

SE Enterprise Hosting is a type of advance hosting with complex extensions like Tomcat, JavaEE, Docker etc for SMEs

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Enterprise Disk Space (TB)
Bandwidth (PB)
Enterprise Emails
Enterprise apps

High Traffic Enterprise Hosting

SE Technology has 20+ years’ experience in providing companies with a wide array of enterprise hosting. We provide hosting to high traffic websites offering high traffic loads. Listed below are just some of the services we offer to our clients.

Enterprise High Traffic
High Traffic Websites

We provide Hosting to high traffic websites in the range of 10 million visitors or transactions per day. Our enterprise configurations help businesses grow to meet demand without the infrastructural overhead.

Enterprise Load Balancing
Load Balancing

We provide load balancing server arrays to help you distribute your network traffic to all for better processing. We provide easier scalability. Need more processing capability? Just add more web servers to our load balancer and increase your performance.

Enterprise Database Servers
Database Servers

Our enterprise database servers help with more efficient database queries with more transactions per minute. This setup offers more load balancing taking critical pressure from your webserver.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise 24/7 Support

Our Enterprise Support Service is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you create your business solution.

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