Db2 Database


A fully managed, highly-performant relational data store running the enterprise-class Db2 database engine.

  • IBM
  • EU Supported
  • IAM-enabled
  • Sydney
  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • Dallas
  • Amsterdam 03
  • Tokyo
  • Milan 01
  • Montreal 01
  • Sao Paulo 01
  • Toronto 01
  • Washington DC
Available languages
  • Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin dialect), Dutch, English (US and UK dialects), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Argentinian, Castilian, Chilean, Colombian, Mexican, and Peruvian dialects), and Modern Standard Arabic (broadband model only). Base models are available for audio sampled at 16 kHz broadband and 8k Hz narrowband in a wide range of audio formats.
Language and Acoustic Customization
  • Use language model customization to define domain-specific words that expand the service's base vocabulary; acoustic model customization to enhance recognition for the acoustic characteristics of your audio; and grammars to limit recognition to specific strings and phrases only. Create multiple models and grammars for different purposes, and combine all three capabilities to adapt recognition for your application's requirements.
Keyword spotting and speaker labels
  • Identify specific keyword strings from the audio with a user-defined level of confidence. Identify different speakers from a multi-participant conversation.