About SE Technology

About SE Technology

SE Technology is a developer of software applications and provider of web hosting infrastructure. We deliver futuristic software applications and services including application development, cloud services, enterprise architecture consulting for business or recreational purposes.

SE Technology has developed many SaaS applications for business. SE Technology primarily develops b2b applications for governments, airlines, pharmaceutical companies to just name a few.

About SE Technology

Our History

Our company was founded in 1998 as an internet consultancy offering various services in the web industry like web development, SEO, etc., and helping small to medium enterprises to get on the internet. Today SE Technology is focused on developing products for license and is moving away from custom web application development.

Our Mission

To satisfy the demands of this evolving technological era through the provision of cutting-edge exclusive products and services at a premium quality while attaining a triple bottom line.

Our Company Structure

SE Technology is a privately held C-Corporation registered as Sioure USA Corp. Our Company is currently in a restructuring phase and we are making tremendous changes to our corporate structure.

"In God We Trust"