Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What are the major services Sioure Enterprise Offer?
  • What does Sioure mean?
  • When was Sioure established?
  • Where are your Web Hosting/Cloud web servers located?
  • Are your hosting servers reliable?
  • Do you offer services in other territories?
  • What payment methods can I use?
  • Are your developers certified?
  • How professional are your designers and programmers?
  • How good is your technical support for hosting?
  • Do you have any money back guarantee or any other guarantee for your clients?
  • Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Our major services are Web Application Development, Web Development, Software programming, Web Hosting. We offer other web related services such as Search Engine Optimization, Domain name registration, Graphic Designing and Network Administration.

Sioure is an acronym for Systematic, Innovative, Open, Universal, Resource, Electronics. This acronym uses words that are at the core of our mission statement. To develop resourceful electronic systems.

Sioure was registered September, 1998.

Our web hosting servers are housed in a Class A data center in Phoenix, Arizona with connections to multiple major backbone providers.

This hosting location has connections to multiple major backbone providers and network access point in the USA which would give our customers the powerful hosting capabilities and bandwidth they would need to drive powerful Internet Websites.

Yes. We offer development services worldwide and that is one of the major advantages of choosing Sioure Enterprise. As an offshore developing company you can cut your web application development cost by choosing us.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. We also accept Bank Wires, Checks and Money orders.

Yes. Our developers are certified in CIW, Most have degrees in computer science. We a full range of our company. Skill Set

Our web designers and programmers use state of the art software development tools and Object Oriented Mythologies to manage projects. What does all of that mean? We are good and professional at implementing any type of project we execute with methods that are in compliance with industry standards.

We have 24/7 technical support staff who would respond to your support request in minutes. We prefer customers to develop a support ticket as this helps us to monitor our support.

We have no money back guarantee on any of our services. We make compensation with our products and services. With our Web Programming, Software Programming and Web Designing services, we have small incremental milestones where the client can see progress as payments and approvals are made. This method limits the risk of the client from making huge payments and not receiving the desired service, it also protects the labor of Sioure Technologies.

Yes, we have a privacy policy. This policy can be view by clicking on the following link.