teamglide Employee Performance

Teamglide Employee Performance

teamglide™ is an employee performance platform used primarily for increasing the performance of teams and employees. teamglide™ interactive application pre-screen recruits, evaluate employee performance, and test employees to measure knowledge of a job role and potential performance. teamglide™ measures the potential performance of your team. The consensus is that great knowledgeable employees help companies grow and great teams help companies out perform.

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Teamglide Comes with many features for a Business or enterprise environment

  • Pre-Employment Testing - With a wide range of pre-employment assessments, get and retrieve test scores directly to your HR evaluation system to shortlist candidates.
  • Applicant Tracking System – Track and Monitor the journey of candidates to employees in your business teams.
  • Analytics & Results - Valuable in-depth analysis of pre-employment testing, employee and team performance for your business.
  • Global Job Search - Using our global job search engine; post and find jobs in any career field anywhere in the world.
  • Social Media Platform - We connect job seekers with recruiters

teamglide™ aptitude test evaluates individual's natural talent, skill-set, general intelligence and ability to problem solve; aspects that needed to function in a business environment.

teamglide™ personality test assesses an individual’s distinctive traits and patterns of behavior to determine whether an individual's personality is appropriate for a desired job.

teamglide™ skills test assesses and measures the basic competencies that are essential to work and procedural activities.

teamglide™ academic test explore a wide range of test relating to Maths, English and general business knowledge.