About Sioure Technologies

A Few Words About Sioure Enterprise

Sioure Enterprise is a developer of software applications. We deliver futuristic software applications and services including application development, cloud services, enterprise architecture consulting for business or recreational purposes.

Our company was founded in 1998 as an internet consultancy offering various services in the web industry like web development, seo etc. and helping small to medium enterprises to get on the internet. Today Sioure enterprise is focused on development products for licence and is moving away from custom web application development.

Our History

  • 1998

    This year, Sioure was established by our founders and partners as a product and service search engine

  • 2000

    In 2000, sioure transition into an Internet Consultancy fulling the demands of the Y2K vulnerbilities

  • 2003

    Sioure become Sioure Technologies adding web services to our inventory like web hosting and domain name registration

  • 1980

    With development of technology, demand on our products increased.

  • 1985

    We purchased the biggest industrial plant of Northwest - the Smith and Anderson Plant located in Seattle, WA.

  • 1988

    Due to the growing population in the Eastern part of the USA, we decided to construct our fourth plant in Georgia.

  • 1996

    Our engineers developed new method of pipe production.

  • 1998

    This year, Fabricator acquires Mueller Water Products, Inc.

  • 2010

    Our newest plant in Virginia wins the “Best Metal Fabrication Plant” award for the highest number of parts produced and sold in the area.

  • 2018

    Today we have ambituous plans concerning our further development in the US as well as opening our first metal fabrication plant in Europe.

Our Mission

To satisfy the demands of this evolving technological era through the provision of cutting-edge exclusive products and services at a premium quality while attaining a triple bottom line.

Our Company Structure

Sioure Enterprise is a privately held C-Corporation registered as Sioure USA Corp. Our Company is currently in a restructuring phase and we are making tremendous changes to our corporate structure.

"In God We Trust"