Caribbean Web Design

Visual Development

When Clients hear "Web Design" they usually think "Code" and other complicated methods used to create a site, but contrary to this popular belief, web design isn't entirely centered on the coding aspect. Web design is an artistic concept which encompasses planning, usability, creation, information architecture, navigation ergonomics, website structure, user interface, colors, contrast, fonts and imagery as well as icon designs.

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User Experience / Interface Design

Know your Audience

Exceptional user interface designs extend far beyond wireframes and blueprints, it stems from knowing your users and anticipating their actions. At SE Technology we work hand in hand with you to ensure our superior interfaces maximize user experience.

  • Brand Identification
  • Wire framing
  • Navigational Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping

Color & Contrast Harmony

We capture the V I B R A N C Y of your product in our designs

Digitally mixing colors is one of the fundamental skills for every artistic designer. The usability of an interface depends on the choice of color complementation and contrast, which is especially important for the design of text boxes. Selecting the right colours creates a visually appealing medium on which our audience can focus. At SE Technology we artistically blend vibrant colours that are sure to capture the eye of your audience and additionally invoke an emotional response.

Icon Design / Visual Branding

Where your Aesthetic Identity is born

Developing icons with a cohesive aesthetic style is what we do here at SE Technology. We believe that flexibility and dynamism are key factors that play an important role in visual brand identity. Through the use of compelling colors, appropriate typography and the right technical skills, our designers at SE Technology aim to positively impact your audience's lives through the use of your brand.

Information Architecture

Every great work of art begins with a strategic outline

How information is structured is crucial to the success of your website. Information Architecture entails understanding how the pieces of content fit together to create the large picture. Blending information structure with design which, when done "The SE Technology Way" will result in an exceptional finished product.

  • Design with Information
  • Content Strategy
  • Organization Schemes
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Duplication Content testing
  • Prototyping