intelliCheck 2019

intelliCheck 2019 is Sioure Enterprise Pre-Employment Testing platform for HR professionals Building and Interactive testing application for companies to pre-screen employees. intelliCheck offers user friendly user interface, with easy installation and gets you up and running in about 5 minutes.

intelliCheck 2019 Pre-Employment Testing is an easy-to-use software system for identifying and choosing the best employees for your company. This is achieved through a series of questionnaires and modular tests created by you, and customized with your unique corporate branding for each job vacancy and skill set, no matter the size of your company or products and/or services it provide.

Pre-Employment Testing

Software features

Sioure intelliCheck Comes with many features and call center features for a Small Business or enterprise environment.

  • Create Test
  • Track Testing
  • Compare Employee scores
  • View Recruit Profile
  • Recruit reporting
  • Schedule Employee Test
  • Remote Employee Testing
  • Recruit Profile

User friendly Interface

intuitive interface require little or no training

We have Developed intelliCheck with a clean intuitive interface where your implementation of our software take little or no time to get up and running. Your call center can be up and running with intelliCheck in as little as 5 minutes.