Why Employee Pre-Screening

Many companies and organizations worldwide are quickly coming to the realization that it is no longer about high IQs or how many degrees recruits or potential employees may have but do they have the correct skills and basic working knowledge of the job or position they are being hired to execute. intelliCheck 2017 Pre-Employment Testing will eliminate the cumbersome and pain-staking process of pre-screening of potential employees, and will assist you and your HR team in making more informed decisions in your recruitment and hiring processes.

intelliCheck 2017 Pre-Employment Testing is an easy-to-use software system for identifying and choosing the best employees for your company. This is achieved through a series of questionnaires and modular tests created by you, and customized with your unique corporate branding for each job vacancy and skill set, no matter the size of your company or products and/or services it provide.

This easily downloadable software is also designed to create and manage continued evaluation and assessment of your current employees, along with Executive and Leadership assessment and training. In addition, your employees can enter their profiles to make up-to-date changes on their personal information, as well as to review test results and to track ongoing assessments and analytics on their job performance and progress.

The installation and setup of intelliCheck 2017 is very easy and requires very little training. This software runs on a web-server, which requires Windows, Linux or Mac operating system, along with a Backend Management interface to be administered by the HR and/or IT team.